Mounds cake



An invitation to all coconut and chocolate lovers: this soft and delicious almond cake recipe will become your new favorite chocolate dessert!


The adorable almond cake (or mound) from Scratch


I have always been a big fan of everything related to chocolate and coconut, and recently we have been dreaming about making an almond joy cake to combine the rich chocolate cake with the savory and sweet coconut filling.


I am very pleased to report that this recipe has been a success in our home, and you need to add it to your “to do” list as soon as possible.


Inspired by the dessert cake, this adorable homemade Almond Cake Joy consists of layers of homemade chocolate cake, exquisite coconut filling, rich chocolate ganache, and just a few slices of almonds!


The best joy almond cake recipe! Layers of decadent chocolate cake with thick coconut filling and ganache frosting!


How to make almond cake

The chocolate cake we used for this recipe is the one you saw a lot on our site – we love it – the classic homemade chocolate cake! This scratching recipe is rich, decadent, and moist … everything you want in a chocolate brownie.


However, it doesn’t hurt to have options, and we’re lucky enough to have some amazing chocolate cake recipes on our site (if I say so myself)! So if you want to take a look, the Nutritional Devil Cake plus Sour Chocolate Cake recipe is out of this world. I can never choose a favorite !



* Ingredients:



+ Cake


° 70g sugar


° 5 eggs


° 200 grams of dark chocolate


° 200 g semi-salted butter


° 1 tablespoon flour


+ Glazing


° 6 cl of fresh cream


° 50 g powdered sugar


° 150 grams of dark chocolate



* Preparation :


Step 1


The oven is heated at 190 ° C.


Melt the chocolate and butter in a double boiler.


Once thawed, remove from heat.


The second step


We add sugar to the chocolate and mix.


Keep add an egg also blend it as well. Renew process with 4 eggs rest .


We adding flour and softly blending .


Step 3


Pour the device into a mold (preferably less than 23 cm in diameter) pre-greased with butter.


Bake for 30 minutes. Get out when it’s a bit of shivering in the middle.


Let cool about 12 min , & unmold also let cooled .


Step 4


Bring the cream to a boil, remove from heat, add pre-cut chocolate and leave for one minute. Whisk and spread it on the cake. Leave it to put in the fridge.


Pour a teaspoon of water into a bowl and hit powdered sugar. Cast to a pastry bag also garnish cake. Finished off a little plastic …



Enjoy !