Homemade Alternatve to Chlorox Wipes



This is one of my favorite household cleaners. I love the convenience of Clorox or Lysol wipes, so I was excited to find alternatives on Pinterest. I actually combined two recipes to get the cleaning power and scent I wanted. Here is what you need:

° 1/2 cup water

° 1/8 cup rubbing alcohol

° 1 T. Dawn dish soap (* author says to use Dawn only)

° A few drops of tea tree oil

The container (you just saved one Lysol wipes, but you can use a baby wipes container as well)

Cut men’s undershirts

I filled the container around this filled with “wipes” which I love because I can wash it again!

Love the scent of tea tree oil so that was attractive, but was it cleaned well ??? Yeah! Here’s a before and after photo of where my very messy daughter sits to eat. ??


I really like this stuff and I think it works fine, but I had to put it to the ‘husband test’. Agrees that they work well with one comment that it just didn’t feel wet enough. I think they’re fine, but next time I might put on fewer wipes next time. If you find the napkin is too dry, you can wet it with a very small amount of water. If you use a lot of water, it gets very soapy.


I usually compare the cost here, but since the napkins are washable and reusable, there’s no comparison, this obviously will save tons!


Since I decided that this is definitely something I will repeat, I wrote the recipe on the container. Happy cleaning up all your money and saving earth for DIY friends ! ??