DIY Mold Removal



Tired of mold coming back again and again? Tired of using expensive products that just don’t seem to work? This does not mean that you have to contact a mold handling company to deal with it. You can use home remedies that not only get rid of the existing growth but will remove germs to prevent them from returning.


Here are the most important home remedies for removing mold. It smells great and is very affordable to use.


Get vinegar

Vinegar is one of the best remedies. This will clean out existing germs and kill any other germs stuck on the walls or on your furniture. Vinegar penetrates deeply into the layers of any material and is also effective on fabric and carpets by going deep into the fibers.

There can be a strong smell of distilled or white vinegar. You can adding lemon juice . Both are other effective home remedies for getting rid of mold.


This type of vinegar has anti-bacterial properties, which means it removes any other growths that may form in the area.

The disadvantage of using vinegar on fabric is that it bleaches it. Vinegar can also damage materials, so it doesn’t last as long as it should.


Withdraw tea tree oil

As mentioned earlier, tea tree oil is an excellent option for removing mold on your own. It can be used on its own, directly on mold stains. It doesn’t matter if your material is solid or cloth, the essential oil will penetrate deeply into the fibers and particles.


Tea tree oil is packed with anti-fungal properties. While removing spores you can see, you will kill all spore in the area. It can prevent new fungal spots from appearing, leading to new problems.

You can apply a little tea tree oil to windowsills and around bathrooms and sinks. The oil will help prevent future germs from forming. Do this once a month or so for best results.


Use ethanol on mold-prone areas

Ethanol is a very effective option for getting rid of all types of pests, not just mold. It suffocates fungi and any bacteria, and prevents future growth.


This is not just a way to remove mold but a way to prevent it from returning in the future. Continue spraying diluted ethanol over mold-prone areas.  This is especially useful in bathrooms and bedrooms. Avoid anywhere with a fire, such as gas stoves !

If you can’t get ethanol, you can make your own alcohol spray. Pour some vodka into a spray bottle and use it directly on the areas. The spray bottle should last for a few months, depending on the scale of your mold problem.


Use citrus extract

Grapefruit extract is especially helpful in removing mold from the home, but any type of citrus extract will help. Citrus fruits are filled with acids that break down bacteria and fungi and get rid of pests completely. It left you smelling fresh, which is better than using some of the options above.


This is one of the safest options when you have children at home. There is nothing harmful to any citrus extract and your kids can even help get rid of the problem if you want to. With all other treatments, you will need to keep children and pets away from the area as the treatments can be irritating to small lungs.


Dilute the extract in some water and apply it to a spray bottle. Use regularly to avoid return of mold at a later time.


Invest in a dehumidifier

Time to get rid of the cause of mold growth in your home: the humidity in your home.Excess moisture will create a breeding ground for mold spores. This is a more common problem in the bathroom, as moisture cannot seep from a hot shower.


Use an exhaust fan while showering and place a dehumidifier in the bathroom. Run this after you shower to completely remove the problem from your home.


If this is the space with the most mold, you’ll need to reconsider using a humidifier until the cause of the mold is fixed – usually it’s all about moisture in the walls!

Removing mold and preventing its recurrence


The above home remedies for removing mold will not only get rid of mold spores. You eliminate the chances of the problem returning. These are healthy and natural preventative treatments. You don’t have to worry about toxins used in chemicals that kill mold spores.


The first group of treatments will have a strong, acidic smell to them. You and others will know that you are using them. Although effective, you will need to consider whether it is suitable for your children, pets, and the room you are using them in. Citrus extract and dehumidifiers will help eliminate strong odors and health risks.